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Wall Decor
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Boss Mirror

Modern style Boss mirror features small pebble mosaic pieces set in small silver frame arrange in ro..


Fractal Mirror

If you need art on your distressingly blank walls, you can't do much better than the Fractal Mirror...


Honeycomb Mirror

No matter what your thoughts on bees, you'll love the Honeycomb Mirror. Welcome this structured glim..


Obtruse Mirror

Mirrored triangles weave together to form the Obstruse Mirror. An intricate puzzle with an interlock..


Ocean Mirror

Fun and whimsical Ocean mirror features fish shaped mirror pieces arranged into rectangular mirror s..


Plot Mirror

Plot mirror features small round mosaic mirror pieces surrounding larger round mirror. Perfect for l..


Ring Wall Lamp

The Cote D'Azure Ring Wall Lamp is a true masterpiece in iron and crystal, not just an ordinar..


Tadpole Mirror

Like a crystal geode, the Tadpole Mirror creates a sense of wonder. Every home could use a dose of w..


Traction Mirror

Traction mirror features small angled mirror pieces arranged into a extraordinary & bold square ..