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Table Lamps
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Basanite Table Lamp Steel

Imbuing any space with industrial magic, the Basanite Table Lamp is all curving pipe and elongated l..


Belair Table Lamp Brass

Pure Geometry. A modern round globe balances on a simple linear plane to create this luminous table ..


Brentwood Table Lamp Brown

A warm update to an iconic favorite. This arc table lamp with its faux woodgrain shade, goes the dis..


Brixton Table Lamp Rust

Let modern movement help you to stay on task by lighting up your work surface just where you need it..


Hop Table Lamp

Hop table lamp has round base with circular handle, supporting a slim arm and angular black shade. I..


Irving Table Lamp Black

This mid-century beauty is the perfect table lamp for your home or office. The black steel shade adj..


Jamison Table Lamp Matt Black

With a perfect profile this handsome table lamp will keep you on task. Propped up on its low-to-the-..


Jena Table Lamp Chrome

Make any room more glamorous with our eye-catching, sparkling table lamp. Its faceted, clear crystal..


Kelly Table Lamp White & Brown

Inspired by nature. This retro modern table lamp with its angular form is softened by a faux wood gr..


Lumen Table Lamp Multicolor

If you're constantly undecided about light color, we have your answer. Glowing in purple, red, blue ..


Pastelite Table Lamp Steel & Blue

Glowing twin turquoise glass tubes put the Pastelite Table Lamp in a class of its own. Built from wi..


Pong Table Lamp Gray

The Pong table lamp features a slim modern esthetic as the round design sheds light with LED style b..


Simi Table Lamp White & Black

It’s pure geometry. A slim round disc made of natural marble balances effortlessly on top of its stu..


Sutton Table Lamp Brown

Inspired by nature. An intricately painted shade resembling wood grain rests on a asymmetrical tripo..


Tanner Table Lamp Matt Black & Brass

This retro modern multi-tasker is a brilliant solution for your home or office. Twin cone-shaped sha..